Sunday, July 23, 2006

Quick update

We´re sitting in an internet cafe listening to the Beatles... in MADRID! Ha! Anyway, this will be a brief update as it´s costing $$$ and we´re poor college students.

Bullet point style update for now:
- I got sick! yay! Free breakfast from the hostel had its price...I was better after a couple hours of getting friendly with the toilet. Ick.
- Sarah was on a flight with ALL female staff (including the pilots!)
- We slept for 13 plus hours last night!
- Today we went to the Palacio de Madrid, Museo del Prado y el Parque de Retiro.
- Then we drank a lot of wine and had some "interesting" conversations.......... perhaps more on that later, perhaps not.

That´s all for now. We´re heading to Barcelona Monday morning and we´ll be there for a week!

We´re having a great time and we´re sorry we don´t have time to write emails to all of you... hopefully in Barcelona we´ll have access to free internet, heh.



At 1:46 PM, Anonymous Matthew Aaron said...

Why can't I be on a plane with all female staff?


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